Space Qualified S-Band Antenna Space Qualified S-Band Antenna
April 9, 2013


Space Qualified S-Band Antenna 

TECOM, a Smiths Microwave business, is pleased to announce that its space qualified S-Band Antenna model 401163 was successfully deployed on the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) satellite launched via an Atlas V rocket on February 11, 2013 from Vandenberg Air Force Base.   The LDCM satellite deploys four (4) TECOM 401163 antennas, enabling satellite telemetry. 

The 401163 Antenna operates in the S-Band frequency with hemispherical coverage.  TECOM’s unique design provides a broad beam pattern for optimal telemetry control of satellites in all orientation.  The 401163 Antenna is available with Left Hand Circular Polarization (LHCP) or Right Hand Circular Polarization (RHCP) at an average RF Power of 10 Watts.  Weight is ~9 oz with size approximately 3.12” diameter and 6.75” height. TECOM’s space qualified antenna is ideal for communication links between ground-based stations and spacecraft.  

The model 401163 Antenna is part of TECOM’s family of antennas designed for space applications.    In addition to the S-Band frequency coverage, the 401163 is able to handle L-Band and GPS
(L1 and L2) frequencies.

“TECOM is excited and pleased to have supported the Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) satellite and provide a space antenna solution for this program” stated Gene Joles, TECOM President.  “TECOM looks forward to continuing its strong support and continued relationship with the space industry.  We are proud of our association in this business segment since the days of the Apollo program.”