TECOM's KuStream Reached Five Million Flight Hours TECOM's KuStream Reached Five Million Flight Hours
April 18, 2014


TECOM Industries, Inc., part of Smiths Microwave, announces the impressive record of five million hours of service for the KuStream® 1000 product line achieved on March 1, 2014.

The KuStream® 1000 enables transmission and reception of RF communications with KuBand satellites that can activate Wi-Fi and other broadband high-speed in-flight services within the aircraft. The bi-directional antenna system consists of the satellite antenna assembly that mounts on the top of the aircraft fuselage under a radome, the antenna control unit and the high-power transceiver mounted inside the fuselage.

“The KuStream product range continues to set the pace for industry-leading usage, service and reliability, stated Gene Joles, president of TECOM. I thank our customers, our suppliers and our dedicated employees for their support to TECOM for this outstanding achievement.

With more than 500 systems installed worldwide on seven airlines, the KuStream® 1000 continues to provide dependable, high-speed connectivity to passengers.

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